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4 leadership "weapons" used by great leaders

Good business leaders display many traits but there are 4 leadership "weapons" used by great leaders: 

1. They use their "business binoculars" to provide CONTEXT

2. They instill VALUES using their "moral compass".

3. They build TRUST with their "business shield".

4. They encourage MOMENTUM with their "business rocket booster".

Let's look at each in turn:


Without context every business decision becomes a guess for both the leader and their team.

Context does not mean encouraging the team to follow meaningless platitudes like "we aim to be the best in market". Those type of words don't help anybody - and can actively dis-engage the team. 

Context requires providing the team with the full picture - The business Vision, Plan and the Purpose. Once those are in place and communicated the leader can provide direction to their team with confidence. It becomes easy for the team to see the difference between the "good decisions" (the right road) and the "bad decisions" (the wrong road).

Leaders who provide context are able to build from the future backwards using their "business binoculars" to gaze into the future.


Without values a business has no "moral compass". It cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.

By instilling clear values the great leader will help their team to "understand the rules of the game that they are playing" (it's okay to score a goal like this - but not like that - you are "offside").

Understanding the business values means that the team will know where they stand. It's okay to "bend the rules here" (this will help innovation) but under no circumstances is this allowed ("No Mr Suarez - soccer players do not bite!"). 

Values are "rocks" that great businesses are built upon. Culture can evolve and change over time as a business grows, but values should never change.

Great leaders instill values in their business by using their "moral compass".

3. Trust

Without trust, collaboration amongst the team becomes impossible. The workplace becomes a "dog eat dog world"!


Building trust in the workplace allows leaders to establish a "D.N.A" where great things can happen.

The leader needs to ask themselves the right questions - like:

- 'is idea ownership valued over business progress'?

- 'am I being sufficiently transparent'?

- 'am I accessible enough - and do I provide the benefit of the doubt'?

The great leader needs to establish sufficient trust to be able to say - 'This is as much as I can tell you at the moment - and this is what I can't tell you yet. But please follow me. Trust me'.

Trust encourages collaboration, openness and allows the leader to harness disparate talents on their team.

Great leaders use their "business shield" to encourage a Navy Seal type mentality of trust. 'Mission is paramount - but I've got your back'.

4. Momentum

Without sufficient momentum businesses just stall.

Momentum is essential '"fuel" for a growing business. By establishing momentum the great leader encourages constant innovation. They want to make lots of 1% marginal gains every day. They make fast decisions and move on.

Great leaders understand that it is hard to generate business momentum from a standing start. They have to keep the business moving - using their "business rocket booster"!

So remember - don't stagnate - Team Activ8 using your 4 leadership "weapons"! 

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